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Out Ethos & Vision

Shine Performing Arts creates a difference, by developing the social and communication skills of children and young people through dance, music and drama. We endeavour to put the child’s needs first. We nurture young personalities, by empowering them through the performing arts and putting them at the heart of our activities. We believe we can make the shrinking violet come to bloom.

about shine performing arts

Shine Performing Arts aspire to be recognised as one of Reading’s leading inspirational academies for nurturing young people. We hold a strong set of values that guide the daily activities to ensure the consistent nurturing of young personalities. Our ethos is to embed our knowledge, skills and understanding into every activity through encouragement, feedback and praise.

Dance, drama and music enhance a child’s physical, mental and emotional development. Studies show that having a full and varied education results in children being able to make connections and become well rounded adults with more interests and skills than children who are exposed to a limited number of subjects of study.

All of our tutors are fully CRB checked to ensure the protection of our children. They are highly experienced professionals currently working within the industry. Nicole will only work with individuals of the highest calibre who act with integrity at all times.

Our History

Shine is the vision of actress and writer Nicole Davis. Originally conceived back in 2008 when it first ran as a very successful summer school. Following a hiatus in development whilst Nicole worked on other projects, Shine was reignited when Nicole worked with musical director Michael Lovelock. Finding a shared enthusiasm for developing and nurturing young people through the performing arts, they set about developing the original concept further, launching the first Shine Performing Arts school in Reading in April 2013. A second Birmingham school is currently planned for late 2013.

What We Do


Each week 3 children from each class get a sticker on their class reward boards and a Shine sticker to wear home for their excellent work in class.
This terms we are honouring the 3 qualities that the characters in The wizard of Oz are seeking.

Brains = Smart choices
Heart = Kindness
Courage = Bravery

When we see a child displaying one of these qualities in class we reward them with a sticker at the end of the session in front of their peers.


Sparky is the new Shine mascot! Each week, one child who has shown exceptional behaviour or talent gets to take sparky home and is encouraged to take a picture of him to show the class what he’s been doing with them that week.


At the end of each term we have a Certificate presentation ceremony. Tutor give certificate to the children in the following categories;

Most improved
Best all round Shine member
And the most prestigious award Kind ambassador

The child that gets this award is buddied up with new children on their first day to be their friend and help them around.

We run throughout the school term. At the end of school term we hold a free performance to friends and family. Each term Nicole writes bespoke scripts so that the Characters suit each child’s ability.

Street Dance


Warm up going through the fundamentals of stretching and importance in using it to ensure no injuries and dancing to your full ability. High energy rhythm games are incorporated into the class to increase dance awareness to prepare learning routines to counted music.

Bright Sparks:

More advanced warm up going through the fundamentals of stretching. High High energy rhythm games are incorporated into the class to increase dance awareness to prepare learning routines to counted music but more of a focus on learning a routine of dance with basic street dance styles.


More advanced stretching and warm up exercises including form ‘hot-stepping’ to increase multiple movements alongside rhythm building. Beginner/Intermediate routines are built into the class with a mix of street styles from poppin’ to tutting to locking.


At SHINE I feel it’s paramount that the children have fun in every element of the singing lesson so we always begin the lesson with a fun and energetic game that sets a joyful
Mood for the day!

If it’s The Twinkles, The bright sparks or The shooting stars, every game is age appropriate to the children taking part. The games that are most enjoyed include:

The Twinkles: Greeting Your Majesty:

This game encourages the children to change their normal accent/voice whilst delivering the line “greetings your majesty” to a child with their eyes closed. The child then opens their eyes to become the detective and try and establish which child changed their voice and delivered the line.

The Brights Sparks – Sing me three facts:

The children think of three interesting facts about themselves then sing them (apposed to speaking them) to a melody we choose as a team. This is great for building confidence at singing on their own and also teaches the children interesting facts about their peers.

The Shooting Start – Lyrics jumble:

The children are separated into pairs and given the lyrics to a song and the melody, they’re then given a new selection of words they must incorporate in the song but must select words to remove in order for the new lyrics to fit the rhythm. Once completed they’re will perform it to their peers. This is a great challenge for understanding rhythm and melodies, the children are encouraged to add their own words too and also to analyse what type of characters might sing their songs.

As a professional vocalist I understand the vital importance of warming up the voice before singing however, talking about the technical elements of fricatives, lip trills, sirens and appoggiare is severely boring for children of such a young age as they’re topics I approached at degree level!
Instead of talking technique I use fun warm up exercises that incorporate all of these technical elements without it feeling like a vocal warm up.

Shine Saturday

Our winter end of term presentation is ‘The Wiz of Oz’ by Nicole Davis on Saturday 13th December 2014.
Shine’s take on the enchanting classic tale.

Shine Friday

Our winter end of term presentation is ‘The Pantomime Remix’ by Nicole Davis on Friday 19th December.

The pantomime with a twist. All the fairytale characters have to come together to defeat the pantomime baddies.

Shine Thursday

In association with the Southcote community Association and Southcote alive we present ‘Sleep Sheep’ by Sarah Baker.

A sweet version on the nativity told from the perspective of an unassuming sheep.

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